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Expanding Respiratory Care Services

MRH is expanding our services to help our community. When you need to ensure your lungs are on the path to great health, Montrose Regional Health is your home for great care!

Whether you are looking into a potential problem or need advanced lung care, MRH will feature the latest technology to ensure your needs are met.

Comprehensive Lung Cancer Screenings

We will be performing low-dose CT scans looking for suspicious nodules. By offering this service to those who are at high risk of lung cancer, patients have an increased chance of success if cancer is found – since early detection is key.

Nodule Tracking Program

What is nodule tracking? CT scans can find “spots” on the lung, and it’s unclear if they will be harmful or not. Most are not harmful but knowing they are there can be a source of anguish for the patient. By offering nodule tracking we can identify nodules for your provider so that they can be tracked over time and decisions can be made about which ones can be watched and which need to be biopsied.

“E-BUS” and Navigational Bronchoscopy

MRH has invested in advanced technology to ensure our community receives top-notch lung care not available anywhere else on the Western Slope. Endobronchial Ultrasound, or “E-BUS,” will allow us to biopsy places in the chest that previously were only accessible through surgery. This will be a same-day procedure, allowing you to go home within a few hours after your procedure.

Additionally, we will be offering Navigational Bronchoscopy. This technology is like your car’s GPS system: our equipment will use your CT scan to develop a “road map” of where to go in the lung. This will allow us to biopsy suspicious modules deep in your lungs.

We’ll also be helping smokers by attacking the problem of nicotine addiction with multiple strategies simultaneously, increasing the likelihood of success.

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Our Respiratory Physicians

Jimmy G. Gilbert, MD, FCCP

Andrew M. Hersh, MD

Lee David Ettinger, MD