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For Patients of Alpine Women’s Centre, MRH Cardiology Clinic, and the Montrose Lung & Sleep Center

Access Our Patient Portal

Access your MRH health information online, versus over the phone or in person.

You Choose the When and Where

  • Access to the Portal is on your schedule, at home, on vacation or at another medical office.
  • Use the Portal from anywhere using a web browser.
  • Access from your home computer, smartphone or tablet.
  • Access information 24×7, without waiting.

Keep the Most Important People in the Loop

  • You can connect with your providers and keep your family informed at the same time.
  • You can keep your providers and family informed.
  • Download and transmit information to accepting providers.

Important Information About the Patient Portal

Talk to your physician about your test results — whether they are normal or abnormal.

It’s important for you to keep any appointments you have made with your care provider. If you don’t have an appointment, please make one with your provider if you have any concerns.

Your healthcare provider is the most qualified person to interpret your results.

Montrose Regional Health and your healthcare providers are concerned about your health — please keep your appointments!

Click here for a list of applications using the FHIR API.

The MRH Patient Portal gives you access to:

MRH Health Information

  • Lab Results
  • Radiology Reports
  • Visit History
  • Discharge Instructions
  • Health Summary
  • Provider Reports

Allergies and Medications

  • Allergies and Conditions
  • Immunizations
  • Home Medications with Instructions


  • View Upcoming Hospital Appointments
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