Laboratory Department
800 S. 3rd Street
Montrose, CO 81401

Appointments: 970-240-7220

Lab Services in Montrose

The laboratory at Montrose Regional Health is fully accredited by the Joint Commission of Accredited Healthcare Organizations and registered by the State of Colorado. It is staffed by certified medical technologists and technicians working under the supervision of two full-time pathologists.

Montrose Regional Health has entered into an association with Mayo Medical Laboratories, which is the national reference laboratory of Mayo Clinic, located in Rochester, Minnesota. This arrangement expands MRH’s laboratory testing menu and gives us access to the complex tests performed by Mayo Medical Laboratories.

While we still perform most of the tests in our lab here, it gives MRH access to Mayo’s team of experts and will strengthen MRH’s efforts to provide exceptional lab services and patient care to our community.

What We Do

The “lab” at MRH is a fascinating, busy and interesting place. There are various functions happening throughout this hub of activity. Some patient samples are tested for bacterial pathogens and other organisms that may cause disease. The organism is then identified for your care provider so they can determine what may be needed for proper treatment. Tissue samples are reviewed for cancer and other diseases in the pathology area of the lab.

The lab staff also works closely with the two Pathologists when they analyze the biopsy tissue samples, perform autopsies and other procedures. The phlebotomists are some of the people in the lab you have probably seen. They are the ones who draw the blood samples for testing in the laboratory.

The collaboration with Mayo allows MRH to offer access to more specialized laboratory testing for our health care providers. These specialized specimens will be transported via air to Mayo Medical Laboratory and the test results will often be available through a computer interface the next day. If needed, the pathologists at Mayo will be available to consult with our physicians regarding which test to run, what method to use and how to interpret the results.

MRH works hard to bring the most current and up-to-date services to help serve our patients. The association with Mayo Medical Laboratories is one more example.

False-Positive Information

Montrose Regional Health Laboratory performs a urine toxicology screening only. Interfering substances may cause false-positive results. Please refer to this table for a list of known cross-reacting drugs – substances that can cause a false positive.