Montrose Lung & Sleep Center
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Montrose, CO 81401

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Respiratory Care in Montrose

Respiratory Care Services provides both diagnostic studies and respiratory care for inpatients and outpatients. Registered and certified respiratory care practitioners provide all therapeutic procedures including inhaled medications, postural drainage, airway care and oxygen therapy.

The department and the medical staff treat patients with acute and chronic diseases, post-surgical patients, chest trauma and coronary disease among others.

Pulmonary Diagnostic and Neurologic Services

  • Arterial blood gas sampling

  • Oximetry

  • Capnography

  • Sleep studies

  • Pulmonary function studies

  • EEG and EMG (nerve conduction studies)

  • Polysomnography

Sleep Studies at MRH

Sleep studies are used to identify life-threatening sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea and other problems interfering with sleep. These studies are done initially to diagnose problems but may be repeated to determine effective treatment.

Learn more about our sleep study services and local sleep lab in Montrose here.

About Our Physician

Jimmy G. Gilbert, MD, FCCP