ACC News

Ambulatory care is a term for services performed on an outpatient basis – in other words, with no admission to the hospital. The ACC will focus on helping patients in a way that does not require an overnight stay.

Construction will begin the third quarter of 2022 with the grand opening scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2023.

The ACC will be conveniently located adjacent to Target and the new Hobby Lobby near the intersection of Townsend and Rio Grande Avenue in Montrose.

Due to the regulatory and reimbursement environment specific to the hospital setting, they can be a more expensive environment to provide care. By moving outpatient care to an ACC, it will cost less to provide services and therefore drive costs down.

MRH has outgrown its current footprint and requires more space to allow for health care services to grow. By building our 80,000 square foot, four-story building, we will move appropriate services to the new space and make available square footage at the MRH hospital on 800 South 3rd. St. The end result will mean new providers and new services being made available to our communities as it continues to grow.

MRH services offered in the new center will include outpatient laboratory, physical therapy, minor procedures, cosmetic procedures, and medical imaging, with a specially designed area specifically for mammography and women’s imaging. Alpine Women’s Centre at MRH has outgrown its current space and will be moving to the new location to better serve their patients.

Our communities are growing. MRH serves Montrose, San Miguel, Ouray, Gunnison, Delta, Hinsdale and San Juan counties. Montrose County itself is expected to reach a population of 55,997 in the year 2050 according to the Montrose Economic Development Corporation. MRH has outgrown its current footprint and needs to grow into a new space that will, additionally, help make healthcare more affordable by offering care in a lower cost environment.

NexCore is an experienced healthcare developer who has helped many healthcare clients build appropriate healthcare spaces – having developed and acquired 14.3 million square feet! By having a developer build the ACC, MRH keeps its financial resources and will direct them toward updating the main hospital campus and reinvesting in healthcare in our communities.

The ACC will strengthen relationships with local healthcare providers and feature them at the new ACC location.

Montrose Regional Health is partnering with independent providers in our communities to offer care at our new ACC. Information on site partners will be announced when it is available. Most recently, Cedar Point Health announced they are joining the Montrose Regional Health ACC.

Along with the vision and leadership of the MRH Board of Directors, hospital administration, providers, NexCore Group, the City and County of Montrose and the community, we have been collectively working on planning this project for several months and are excited to see it come to fruition.

By having a developer build the building, it will generate property taxes and increase the use of utilities which will benefit the city.

Many residents research communities before relocating with adequate healthcare often a top concern. For this reason, our ACC will keep the Montrose region an attractive destination – helping employers attract potential skilled labor prospects.

Healthcare is important for families: if a person has to travel for specialized care, that can be a significant burden on them and their family members. We know that access is a significant concern for members of our communities and will increase access to care by adding services and providers as our communities continue to grow.

Montrose Regional Health is building an Ambulatory Care Center to decrease healthcare costs, increase access to care and improve patient experience. Different building renderings/sketches are available depicting the same center, as the building design is not yet finalized. Our advertisements feature the first artistic drawing of the ACC building, however it is not the final drawing.

Additionally, the national firm QHR and Colorado Outdoors has announced a competing outpatient medical clinic in another area of town. While MRH is a non-profit entity that reinvests in the Montrose communities, QHR is a for-profit entity with different motives. We do not anticipate this competing project will help Montrose Regional Health. To read our viewpoint regarding this competing facility and how it will impact our communities, click here.

MRH is a nonprofit hospital whose mission is to provide healthcare services to our communities with excellent service, compassion and fiscal responsibility.

As opposed to paying money to shareholders, MRH reinvests any profits back into the organization – and therefore into providing care for our communities. As a nonprofit hospital, we provided $26.5 million worth of community benefit last year. This number will continue to grow as our community grows.

Montrose Regional Health is local – originally founded on March 5, 1950 by the county of Montrose. Originally a 25-bed hospital, it has been remodeled, expanded and upgraded several times including in 1975, 1985, 1998 and 2005. The hospital campus has doubled in size and is now a 75-bed facility. It offers complete and diverse specialty care and focuses a great deal of its education, marketing and financial resources towards making its service area a healthier place.

Montrose Regional Health is made up of a 9-member Board of Directors who reside in the communities we serve. The Board of Directors (the “Board”) has overall responsibility for the Hospital’s operation and patient care. Click here for more information about our Board.